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Where is This Going?

I’ve been trying to think of a direction to take this blog in. I have such a wide range of interests and such a huge amount of free time I am unsure which interest I want to pinpoint as a subject. I think it best to just use this blog as a journal of sorts and sort of let my topic find me. I would rather drift a while than rush into a topic I wind up tiring of quickly. Some of my interests at the moment that I have considered as topics include:

  • Genealogy: I’ve been researching my family history for a couple of years now and it’s getting pretty interesting. I’ve learned my DNA origins and have been connected to literally thousands of cousins. People are walking around all over that are related to me. It’s mindboggling!
  • True Crime: I am obsessed with crime stories and serial killers and all things mysterious and dark. Not in a crazy, locked in a room studying a serial killer’s history kind of obsession, I just enjoy learning about it. I like unsolved cases especially, maybe some deep desire to investigate and be the one to finally find the missing link and solve a case.
  • Healthcare: The obvious choice, some would say, considering I’m a nurse. I do enjoy everything to do with healthcare and am not ruling it out as a potential topic for my blog. We’ll see.

Until I figure it out I’ll just write interesting things that happen and maybe someday I’ll kind of fall into a subject that works. I’m about to leave for Australia, so I know for at least the next month this will be a travel blog!




Building a Family Tree

I never imagined how much I could learn by constructing a family tree. I never dreamed of the journey I was embarking on when I created an account on Thanks to my own research, and-more importantly-the research of others, as well as a DNA test I took to learn more about my genetic heritage, I have learned more than I ever thought possible. I have learned about my family’s beginnings in Ireland, Germany, and Britain. I’ve found relatives in other parts of the country who I didn’t even know existed. All who share an ancestor with me I heard an awful lot about growing up. It’s wild. It’s fascinating. I just hope I can learn more, and hopefully tie up some of the loose ends and break down some of the brick walls I’ve hit.

It’s bizarre how, a hundred or so years ago, a person could just drop off the face of the earth. The paper trail just dries up. I’m having this problem in particular with my great great grandfather Joseph Elisha Byrd. He died at the young age of 28 in 1904. I even have a supposed date of October 24. I can’t, however, find anything to tell me why he died. I’m assuming it was some sort of communicable disease like tuberculosis, or maybe some tragic farming accident. I am left with only speculation. I have found death certificates and so much more on my other ancestors who lived around the same time period, but nothing for him. Not even so much as a record of where he was buried. Nothing. It’s frustrating me severely.